Debutantes is a reviews site for debut poetry collections, focusing on work from Canada, hosted by Klara du Plessis and Aaron Boothby, with appearances by guest essayists.

As guidance, we take the playful, the messy, the essay as a record of trying to write about what is unfamiliar because it is new. Here we salute Erin Wunker who reminds us that the essay is also an “essai,” an attempt; Lisa Robertson who loves the essay “as a speculative form … the relationship to doubt and not knowing”; Elisa Gabbert who frees prose with the “the tangent that just touches.” We acknowledge the uncertainty of reviewing as an asset, the fluidity of reaching out to meaning, like translation, which might diverge from the original, transforming into a new text in the process.

While we review poetry of all styles and by all authors, we delight in reviews with an individual voice, that analyze with subtlety and intelligence, and are situated as an independent genre, both celebrating and embodying poetry.

Please contact to introduce new titles or if you are interested in contributing a review.